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Enhance You Career

Invita Training Center(ITC)offers a diverse range of certification programs that provide the necessary tools to augment your skills and take you to the next level. Our courses are designed to assist in playing a vital role in molding every student enrolled in our courses to excel in their certified area of expertise.


Whether you want to learn a new skill or master an existing one, Invita Training Center provides a complete solution for all; comprised of educational resources- self-paced, online training or instructor-led, that paves the way for your professional dream.


Each of our courses are strategically designed to create a power packed learning environment. Centering students in everything we do, Invita Training Center will indeed shape the future of credential education in the Kingdom, in turn gaining industry recognition.


Here, at Invita Training Center, you will receive the unique opportunity to:


      • Learn from qualified instructors in our well-equipped facility.
      • Hone your skills with hands-on training and exercises that focus on real-life application.
      • Pick a course that best  suits your educational requirement.
      • Earn a valuable and reputed certificate of completion, which is well-recognized in your professional field.


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Invita completes Certificate in Social Media Management course.

Training Schedule for the month of March.

Invita completes Certificate in Social Media Management course


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